How do you make Microsoft SharePoint an even better portal? Just add video.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular enterprise portal technologies out there. It brings immeasurable knowledge sharing value to enterprises everywhere. Want to add to that value? Add powerful enterprise video sharing and management capabilities to it. Qumu Video Control Center lets you bring video on demand and live webcasting capabilities into your Microsoft SharePoint portal. Manage videos. Monitor and control their usage. Add social video sharing features. All In SharePoint.

SharePoint does provide basic video features natively. However, videos tend to be much larger in size that other file types traditionally stored and managed in SharePoint. Because of this, they are inefficient for BLOB storage and quickly grow SharePoint content databases to maximum recommended capacity (200GB). Videos are also subject to the maximum file upload size in SharePoint and play with progressive download which can cause tremendous frustration for the viewer. Qumu solves these challenges.

If you have invested heavily in Microsoft SharePoint, add to its value by adding Qumu Video Control Center. It delivers scalable, controllable, and sharable video content within your Microsoft SharePoint environment. And it empowers your workforce to create and share video-based knowledge that encourages collaboration and innovation.


Solution benefits


Add value to SharePoint

  • Add webcasts, video on demand, and employee generated video
  • Build a library of valuable video-based knowledge
  • Engage your workforce with compelling video

Encourage collaboration

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer with video
  • Video knowledge goes viral in the enterprise
  • Put a face on business communications

Keep control

  • SharePoint Access Control works like always
  • Qumu adds powerful security and monitoring features
  • Gain insight to video usage trends with reports

Streamline adoption

  • SharePoint operates just like it always does
  • Features like Discussions, Search and Document Libraries are the same
  • Qumu just adds intuitive video capabilities

Preserve performance

  • Dedicated and separate video storage and distribution
  • Keep network and SharePoint operations safe
  • Upload and distribute video without file size limits


Realize Video’s Potential – SharePoint

Streamline the social business video experience through the seamless combination of Qumu and Microsoft SharePoint.