Work together better with video.

Creating and sharing video drives collaboration and engagement.

“We want people to bring that sharing and learning to life, and that’s exactly what (the Qumu platform) is being used for.”

–Harpal Bhusate


With almost 100,000 employees at over 100 locations around the globe, Vodafone is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company. With that many global branches, they were looking for a way to give different business areas the ability to share what they are doing at a local level with a wider audience without relying on lengthy documents.

By using Qumu’s enterprise video solution, Vodafone has been able to engage audiences around the world as well as give remote teams the ability to share what they’re doing with a companywide audience. In addition, they consolidated their efforts using a single video platform instead of solutions that varied from office to office and even team to team. This gives every Vodafone employee the tools they need to collaborate with anyone else on the Vodafone network using video.

Video helps your business communicate and collaborate better:

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Bring video into your social enterprise. Qumu integrates with leading enterprise social platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections, Jive and more so video can be a part of your social business strategy.

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Record live streamed Unified Communications (UC) content from UC solutions like Skype for Business and WebEx to extend the value of your existing collaborative sessions to users around the globe.

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Find information faster. Speech Search technology allows for any spoken word or phrase to be searched—across thousands of hours of video. Additionally it pinpoints the moment the word is spoken within the video to make finding information a fast and simple process.

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Give your employees the ability to create and share their own videos. Build a culture of engaging collaboration within your organization with video.

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