Our video expertise for your business

Enterprise video is important. It is reshaping the way businesses work and communicate. It can also be a daunting task to implement an enterprise video system into your existing IT infrastructure and train your employees to get the most out of their enterprise video experience. Qumu Professional Services are here to help.

The Qumu Professional Services team includes world-class business and technology personnel and is extended by Qumu partners. The team has many years of combined business and technology video experience as implementers, admins and end users. This gives them unique insight into the methodologies, tools, services and industry best practices that will best serve your company’s enterprise video culture.

Professional Services

A wide range of Professional Services


  • System Deployment Services, with New Deployments, Systems Integration, Upgrades and System Expansions
  • Classroom Training from Qumu Academy
  • System Customization: Web Portal branding and modifications, Mobile App customization, Custom Reports
  • Broadcast Event Support Services
  • System Audit Services
  • Managed Services