Qumu and Skype for Business

Capture, manage and share Skype for Business recordings

Automatically publish and share the valuable information from a recorded Skype for Business session and, through Qumu’s Platform, manage, organize and distribute that information throughout the enterprise.

Add value to Skype for Business: record and repurpose your meetings

  • Capture meetings easily and seamlessly within the Skype for Business client, including audio, video, presentations and slides, and chats.
  • Store Skype for Business meetings securely in a central repository, search their content for spoken words in audio or video as well as text.
  • Share Skype for Business meetings with others through the portal without impacting network performance, regardless of audience or file size.
  • Trim or edit Skype for Business meetings to optimize impact and understanding for secondary viewers or listeners.
  • Manage Skype for Business meetings along with relevant information in SharePoint channels (with the Qumu Video App for SharePoint), enhancing knowledge stores.

Use Cases

  • Retain knowledge
    Make key meetings, project updates, and other collaborations easily stored and give employees access to a searchable video knowledgebase – to work smarter and faster.
  • Share experience
    Deliver captured sessions throughout your organization to any endpoint - desktop or device - with no worries about file transfer size regardless of whether the meetings contain audio, video, presentations, or all of these.


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