Qumu and SharePoint

Extend the enterprise portal capabilities with video

Accelerate time to value for business by enabling employees all over the world to access the right information at the right time. Capitalize further on your SharePoint investment by integrating enterprise video communications in context.

Qumu brings best-in-class live webcasting and video on demand to the SharePoint portal

  • Include secure and scalable ingest, management, and delivery of streaming video.
  • Maintain portal and network performance
  • Enhanced experience though a unified portal interface
  • Optimal content management: organize, store, share and find video content quickly and easily from within SharePoint, including Speech Search.
  • Establish security, control, and viewership for employee generated content.

Leverage native SharePoint services, minimizing IT complexity and cost.

  • Native SharePoint 2013 indexing and search retrieval of Qumu video content.
  • Workflows for video publishing and retention are also native to SharePoint 2013.
  • Tight integration of video with SharePoint 2013 collaboration and social features, including likes, comments and updates to activity streams.
  • Configurable SharePoint web parts (video jukebox, carousels and an integrated player) make it easy to embed video collections or individual videos on any SharePoint page.
  • Support for adaptive streaming formats as well as for legacy Windows Media format.
  • Network-friendly video delivery from branch caches or Internet CDNs frees SharePoint Web servers from heavy traffic.
  • Intelligent Qumu Pathfinder engine ensures video distribution works seamlessly to reach any user, anywhere on any device.
  • SharePoint 2013 app deployment architecture runs the Qumu app outside of SharePoint servers, allowing unlimited video file size without affecting the SharePoint farm performance.

Use Cases

  • Training
    Video based employee training is more efficient and increases comprehension.
  • Live webcasting
    Engages employees, partners, and customers.
  • Video upload and share
    Is the best medium to share valuable enterprise knowledge and collaborate with coworkers.


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