Qumu for Pexip

Record and manage compelling content

Leverage any unified communications ecosystem – including video conferencing, web conferencing and scheduling applications – to share content from business meetings. Whether it’s connecting executives to internal teams, educating audiences about changes in your products, or reacting to an ever-changing marketplace.

Record, store and play back video conferences, easily

  • Record any virtual conference from the Pexip platform at the click of a button
  • After the conference, the recordings are stored, distributed and managed centrally using Qumu’s enterprise-class content management capabilities such as security, search, and availability on all devices.
  • Archive unlimited recordings from multiple video conference and web conference solutions
  • Live stream video conferences to add hundreds or thousands of one-way viewers to the meeting.

Use Cases

  • Share updates
    Easily record ad-hoc or scheduled meetings to be repurposed as training sessions or archive them for team members who couldn’t attend.
  • Live broadcast
    Extend the broadcast to passive audiences in the tens of thousands and beyond, while still allowing for those attendees to interact with presenters.
  • Repurpose your content
    Build a repository of virtual meeting room recordings and other video uploads
  • Easy search
    Speed search functionality allows you to quickly find videos from recorded meetings.
  • Track your content for insight and measurement
    Use Qumu’s analytics engine to measure viewership totals, audience behavior, and compile feedback for ongoing change management and operational insight.
  • Compliance
    Meet any requirements for meeting record while ensuring security Screenshots


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