In an increasingly connected world, the speed of business is moving faster every day. Fast and effective communication is crucial to maintaining the trust of your clientele and staying ahead of the curve. Finding the right technology to communicate with partners, employees and clients is mission critical to staying up to date and ensuring that your business is the early bird that gets the worm.

Video is an ideal medium to convey ideas faster than ever before. The combination of voice and images along with charts, graphs and other visual aides brings extra data to video’s rich format. Additionally, creating and watching video has never been simpler. Using smartphones and laptops, your employees have sophisticated tools at their fingertips to create compelling presentations—ones that used to take hours if not days to build and share—in a matter of minutes..

Of course, ensuring the sensitive information in these video presentations is paramount. Fortunately, there’s no need to trade speed for security. Qumu’s enterprise video management system gives you everything you need to quickly create, distribute and manage engaging video presentations on any device. Our video creation tools make it easy to record and upload video, complete with slides and screen captures, from a smartphone or laptop with the press of a button. Enterprise-grade security ensures your desired audience will be the only ones with the ability to watch your videos. This is communication at the speed of business.