Look at any social media platform—from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram—people are using videos to connect with one another like never before. Business is no different. Social business platforms like IBM Connections, Jive and Microsoft SharePoint are now the chosen environment for team members to collaborate, and that’s never been easier than with video. By bringing video into your social business platform, you can add whole new elements to the way your employees connect to one another.

Video is an ideal medium to communicate expertise. Giving your employees the ability to become video creators who combine visual, spoken and written elements to build presentations that showcase the depth of their knowledge makes it easy for viewers to understand complex topics. Once these videos are created, sharing them via social business platforms will easily remove all barriers to collaborative learning.

But video can’t exist in a vacuum. From delivery to search, leveraging the most out of your video requires a solid platform that can help users in your organization create videos, and helps IT manage and distribute those videos and audiences, both internal and external, to view and interact with all of your video content. Integrating video into social business platforms can also be difficult without the help of an enterprise video management system. Qumu brings video tools into the social business platform makes your employees most comfortable.