Qumu Cloud Specifications

A web-based system that works in all modern browsers

Technical requirements

Desktop playback
  • Internet Explorer 11+, Safari 2+, Google Chrome 2+, Firefox 2+ (on Mac or Windows)
  • Flash Player 10+ or HTML5 video
Mobile playback
  • Android *
  • Blackberry
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone (on-demand only)
Recording and live publishing
  • Internet Explorer 11+, Safari 2+, Google Chrome 2+, Firefox 2+
  • Flash Player 10+ (for recording), Flash Player 11+ (for live publishing)
  • RTMP connection on port 80, 443 or 1935
  • Webcam, AVC video source or video encoder (for recording/live)


If you are using the Qumu Cloud Platform to create content and are behind a company firewall, your network team may need to configure your firewall to allow RTMP video data to be sent to us. Our support team can work with your network team to ensure creating Qumu presentations is a smooth experience for your users.

Supported formats

  • We support most common formats for video and audio upload.
  • We support slide ingest of PowerPoint files, PDF documents and images.
  • Videos can be downloaded from the Qumu Cloud Platform in a variety of formats, configurable to your requirements.

Compatibility test

* – There are known issues with playing videos on Android 4.x devices using the Chrome 40 browser. Users have reported that the context menu (drop down arrow) is hidden from view. The context menu can be found on the right side of the create date. In order to get to the “view” menu the user has to drag the page to right. Do not click on the thumbnail or title as nothing will happen but a zoom. The menu reveals itself after clicking to the right of the date field.