Video Management

Easily upload, store and share video. Our industry-leading enterprise video content management functionality makes it simple to ingest video, create metadata and share content from a secure platform. No matter if you are using video through a mobile app, a branded video portal or a social business portal, all back-end management is handled in one place. Effortlessly deploy video to a wide range of endpoints without having to duplicate management rules, and view and export real-time metrics like top views, viewer drop-off, and user compliance.

Content Creation & Editing

Qumu provides a full spectrum of video capture capabilities including tools to create and edit a multi-camera webcast, record and edit a screen capture from your desktop with webcam video, and capture video from a studio encoder, portable event encoder, Video Teleconference Platform, Unified Communications platform, or mobile device.

Automated Workflows

Automating your IT policies gives you complete control of your video assets. From approvals to management to viewing, we integrate with your existing security infrastructure so you can ensure your content is only reaching the people you want it to reachinside or outside the firewall.

Security and Access Control

Qumu's access control model is designed to utilize any major enterprise authentication and authorization solution to secure access to videos, channels, or administrative functions. Authentication is managed with LDAP/Active Directory, single sign-on, and SAML (for internal and external authentication support). In cases where a corporate authentication service is not available, Qumu provides its own user management tools for user creation, self-registration, approvals, and assignment to groups.

Speech Search

Qumu Speech Search represents a revolutionary step forward for our business because customers and prospects can now use a Qumu repository for new use cases, such as eDiscovery, internal clipping services, and “chatter”/trend analysis. Qumu can comb through thousands of hours of audio and video, indexing any spoken word or phrase, quickly returning meaningful results that traditional metadata or caption-based search could never find.