We’ve done the research. Employee-focused webcasts increase alignment with company goals. Employees are also more engaged with senior executives after watching a webcast featuring their company leaders. This is especially important in an era when companies are rapidly increasing their global footprint and also taking advantage of the talents of remote workers.

An executive webcast creates a personal connection between employee and executive and gives the presenter a space in which to communicate complex ideas clearly by combining audio, video and visual aids in a quick and simple way. However, broadcasting live video over one internal network, not to mention reaching distributed or remote audiences, can present difficulties. Video’s high file size can put a drain on bandwidth and leave viewers with stalling or stopping streams. Half of your audience will stop watching after just 10 seconds of stalled video loading time. When your message is crucial, you can’t have that.

Qumu’s enterprise video management system optimizes video delivery in a number of ways so that everyone in your audience can stay caught up in real time. By putting edge devices in place you can automate failover to ensure the stream never goes down. In addition, you can transcode video streams automatically to serve up the correct filetype and bitrate to a specific user based on the device they are using and the connection they are on. Many companies with distributed employees use Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs) as well, to give their employees the tools they need even if they’re not in the office. Qumu integrates seamlessly with VDIs to ensure that no matter where a user is, or how they are connecting to the webcast, they get the highest quality video possible.