Qumu (NASDAQ: QUMU) got its start in the late 1990s as a video media publishing company. Back then, our founders saw two critical needs converging among our clients. First, they simply couldn’t get enough of the power video brought to business communications and learning. Second, they wanted to deliver it—reliably and securely, live and on demand—over their existing computer networks, which weren’t built to handle video.

Today, Qumu helps many of the world’s largest companies realize the value of putting video to work for their digital workforce.

They use our software to create, manage and share video. Live, streaming and on demand, we turn video into an always-on resource, connecting thousands of stakeholders across a single enterprise.

Qumu’s mobile apps and other tools make video capture and creation easy. But the real magic goes on behind the scenes. Our enterprise-grade, video delivery and content management hub brings everything together—one centralized, pivotal video solution that scales as the digital revolution builds momentum in your enterprise.

Video Experts

Our passion is video. We became a technology company purely out of a need to provide a better enterprise video solution for our clients, early believers in the power of video.

Even now, our deep expertise in networking and software technology has one purpose: making video a lot less technical and much more powerful for you.

Enterprise Proven

What do you learn from more than a decade of working with the world’s largest companies? Every project is different. Cookie cutter doesn’t cut it.

Consultation begins the minute you contact us and we understand that this isn’t an over-the-phone decision. If we’re not the right fit, you’ll hear it from us first.

Software Excellence

Qumu’s Qx is a highly open and extensible enterprise video architecture, allows you to make better use of your existing systems across your networks.

Across VDI, mobile, video conferencing hardware, unified communications software and more—in the cloud or behind the firewall, Qumu delivers a quality and seamless video experience across your enterprise.

Mobile Mindset

We build every solution with mobile in mind because the digital workforce is increasingly consuming and creating video on mobile devices.

Mobile users need seamless access and performance and we bring the same attention to security and management you’d expect from Qumu.