Bringing over 13,000 employees in offices around the world together was no easy feat. NetApp creates culture with Qumu and video.

Video has been at the core of NetApp’s communications culture for many years. It’s part of the reason that the company of over 13,000 employees in offices around the world was recently named one of the top five “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces.” When it comes to creating and delivering that video, they turn to Qumu’s industry-leading enterprise video solutions. Whether it’s executive addresses to distributed employees or on-demand video learning, Qumu’s flexible functionality, easy-to-use video production tools and robust delivery solutions give NetApp the ability to weave video seamlessly into their culture and keep everyone connected no matter where they are or what device or connection they’re using.

"The measure of success I can see for us is allowing a user to view a video regardless of where they are, regardless of how much bandwidth they may have and regardless of what system or device they may be playing it on. And that’s why Qumu is a big part of our video strategy." - Ed Cho, NetApp