From New York to San Francisco, from Dallas to Denver, JLT USA uses Qumu to keep everyone in their organization connected, informed and moving in the right direction.

Whether they’re creating external videos to communicate who they are and how they do business to the market at large or internal training videos to engage and inform their employees, JLT USA is a video-centric company. Finding a way to create, manage and distribute that video to all audiences was top priority when the UK-based JLT began expanding into the US market in 2014. Now, using the Qumu solution, they have been able to reach everyone on their internal network, cut video production time from three days to less than a day, and connect with thousands of prospects and customers using the power of video.

"We needed to communicate who we are and how we do business externally. Video was the ideal medium for that. It immediately lets you know who you’re talking to, it’s personal." - Andrew Dorsch, JLT USA