BT Global Services

Bringing engaging leadership content to 88,500 employees in 170 countries is crucial to running a successful business. Video was the key for BT to empower global leaders to connect with their teams.

With 88,500 employees in offices in 170 countries around the globe, BT (British Telecom) was looking for a way to empower its leaders to become more engaging and inspiring to their distributed teams. Deciding that video was the most efficient tool to connect with global audiences, BT created on-demand videos to share with team leaders. After working with Qumu to implement a robust enterprise video solution, BT could share those videos between offices in hundreds of countries on every continent. This enabled the leaders to not only bring the information they learned from the videos to their teams, but also to share the videos themselves to engage directly with employees. Using Qumu, BT now has a searchable video archive that can be used by all of their employees and can broadcast their live events out to a wide audience when they once would only have 60-90 people in attendance.

"I can’t envision development programs in the future without video playing a critical part. It’s a cornerstone of how we approach development." - Glenn Roberts, BT