Engage audiences with video

Engage audiences with video

Video offers a rich viewing experience that engages, informs and inspires audiences on a level that no other medium can achieve. Eighty percent of enterprise communicators say that video use improves productivity and efficiency in their organization. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Share ideas, connect with people

Share ideas, connect with people

Sharing ideas is what makes business work. Our platform enables live and on-demand communication to colleagues, customers and suppliers. Video presentations are an ideal format for complex information and ideas, and can be delivered globally to desktops, mobile devices and public displays.

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No matter whether your employees are in a single office or spread across the globe, giving them the power of video is important. Qumu solutions make it easy for anyone on your network to simply and securely create, share and watch video from any device at any time.

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