Qumu has the tools to help you capture video any way you need.

Video is versatile. Whether it’s a high quality executive webcast that is going to thousands of employees or a quick problem description between team members, video has the power to make business happen. But just as you wouldn’t use a backhoe to build a sandcastle any more than you’d bring your pail and shovel to the construction site, it’s important to have the right tool for the job at hand.

Qumu covers the spectrum, from the browser-embedded Quick Capture solution to the rack-mounted or portable Capture Studio. Here’s how they work:




Quick Capture

Qumu Quick Capture is a browser based, rich media capture tool for creating high quality videos that combine screen recording, webcam video and audio sources. Now it's simple to incorporate rich media into your everyday business communications. Every employee can contribute their ideas, from the office - or anywhere else. Quick Capture is a feature within the Video Control Center product, and is designed to make creating and uploading video easy for everyone.

Qumu Quick Capture Features:

  • Web-based access – Embedded within the Qumu Video Control Center, and available from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Screen capture – Go beyond just JPEG screen shots - Quick Capture will record any application running on your PC or Mac.
  • Quick and easy editing – Easily trim the video, cut out sections, insert overlays, images, and adjust transition effects, with web-based editing features.
  • Automatic publishing – Automatically publishes the finished video in h.264 format to the Qumu Video Control Center.
  • Social video sharing – From the Video Control Center portal, your content is easily shared with others via email or using embed code to post on another website.
  • Content protection – Finished presentations are published to a Channel that can have pre-determined access rights to ensure no un-authorized views.
  • Seamless Integration - Simplifies overall video content and distribution management as a part of the Video Control Center.

Qumu Capture Studio

Qumu Capture Studio is a self-contained studio-in-a-box for recording, editing and publishing HD studio quality video presentations. Available in rack-mounted or portable configurations to meet your video creation needs, Qumu Capture Studio makes it easy to create sophisticated and professional video from anywhere. The Qumu Capture Studio 2RU HD is a rack-mountable 2RU H x 1/2 RU W unit that can also take advantage of a convenient breakout box for managing your I/O connections. The Qumu Capture Studio Portable HD system is an easily transportable unit with integrated LCD screen in an ATA compliant case.

Qumu Capture Studio Features:

  • Changing camera angles and layouts is easy with multiple camera views and the intuitive video mixer.
  • One click switching provides fast, easy access to predetermined settings for cameras, slides, and other VGA inputs, so you can easily add movement and variety to your presentation.
  • Additional video sources can be added using USB video devices.
  • Full-motion (30 fps) capture from RGB computer and video sources means you can include anything in your presentation – even other videos.
  • Real-time text extraction and automatic chapter creation create searchable text and metadata with.
  • Support for HLS, Smooth Streaming, Windows Media, H.265, and mp3 provides ultimate format flexibility for multiple audiences and viewing platforms.
  • Automatic formatting means viewers can customize their playback experience with these outputs:
    • VC-1 (WMV) – Silverlight, Windows Mobile
    • MPEG-4 Part 10 (H.264) – Flash, iPhone, iPad,
    • Android
    • MPEG-4 Part 2 / 3GPP – Portable media devices
    • Blackberry
    • MPEG-2 DVD
    • MJPEG & Uncompressed (AVI & ASF)—Archive for editing

Mobile video upload

Today’s workforce is mobile. Many work-related videos are being captured with cameras on smartphones and tablet devices. Easy-to-use apps on mobile devices make it easy to leverage these videos throughout the workplace. Qumu’s mobile video app has a simple interface for capturing and uploading videos to specific channels. The resulting videos can be shared with other mobile and desktop based users easily and consistently using an automated publishing and approval workflow.

Qumu mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows device features:

  • Easy-to-use app interface for uploading video, creating a thumbnail image, choosing a channel, and adding metadata.
  • Status interface within the app to view active, pending and currently uploading videos.
  • Automatic transcode of video content upon ingest so that it can be viewed by mobile audiences, regardless of its original format.
  • Automatic submission to approval workflow if required.
  • Multiple methods of delivery for both WiFi-connected devices on a corporate network and for devices connecting over a 3G/4G wireless network leveraging Qumu Pathfinder technology.
  • Qumu Mobile SDK is available to encourage customization and creation of other mobile applications.

Integration with 3rd party Encoders

Encoding systems such as Digital Rapids are common in the enterprise. Qumu provides packed integrations that can leverage these types of high end encoding systems. Qumu places a “listener” (a small piece of software) on the encoder box that allows it to be remotely controlled by the Qumu Video Control Center. Then, the encoder output can be started and stopped by Qumu and previewed via the Video Control Center interface in the same way that it can be using the Qumu Capture Studio.

Best of breed compatibility:

  • Qumu Capture Studio
  • Cisco/Inlet Spinnaker
  • Digital Rapids StreamZ and StreamZ Live
  • Expression Encoder 4
  • Viewcast SCX API


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