Enterprise portals are powerful. Video makes them more engaging.

Enterprise portals are powerful social business tools for organizing, accessing and interacting with content. They empower knowledge share in your workforce. Customers tell us that integrating video content into them has often been a challenge. Until now. Qumu’s Video Control Center, or elements of it, can easily be added to popular enterprise portals such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle WebCenter. Video can be added on pages, in blogs and shared via a carousel, jukebox, or player—engaging and informing employees in a whole new way. And your video storage and delivery can be kept separate from the rest of your portal operations. High-bandwidth video never bogs down your portal or puts its performance at risk. 



Core benefits

Integrate seamlessly

Qumu web parts, portlets and widgets make video part of the core enterprise portal experience for the user.

Add video features

Powerful social video sharing, viewing and measuring capabilities accelerate knowledge.


Customize your solution

Add the Video Control Center features you need to get the exact solution you want. Even brand features like video carousels and players.

Ensure performance

Keep video storage and distribution separate from portal operations. Ensure that high-bandwidth-consuming video won’t ever impede portal performance.


Add portal value

A portal is a valuable enterprise asset. Video makes it more so. Video-based portal content adds an engaging new way to share knowledge.

Get support

We productize our integrations with third-party systems. That means we provide maintenance and support on these integrations just like our core products.


Video power to the portals! 

Qumu brings the power of video to a range of enterprise portal technology options from a number of providers—adding immense value to your portal solution. With any of them, you can use certain Video Control Center capabilities or all of them as you needs require.

IBM Connections

Connections is all about social business collaboration. See how to add video to that collaboration. Upload and share video on any Connections page and add video blogging and social interaction capabilities, too.

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Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter is a widely adopted user engagement platform for social business. Find out how to deliver dynamic video communication and training libraries within WebCenter.

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IBM WebSphere Portal

WebSphere Portal is a powerful social business portal. Find out how to deliver dynamic video communication and training libraries for accelerated learning. Add powerful video search to aid knowledge discovery.

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Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is the most widely used document and collaboration platform. Learn how to bring on demand video and live webcasting to the SharePoint experience. Seamlessly link related documents when uploading video programs while keeping the video storage outside of SharePoint. Start building your library of valuable video-based knowledge now.

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Realize Video’s Potential – SharePoint

Streamline the social business video experience through the seamless combination of Qumu and Microsoft SharePoint.