Share your content everywhere. Protect it there, too.

As a business, you create valuable video, images, documents, and more. Some of it is sensitive. Qumu Signal lets you push that digital content to targeted subscribers anywhere, on any PC, tablet, or mobile device in the world. Your content resides on viewer devices, even when offline, but it’s completely encrypted. You maintain control of it. You can change it at any time. You can delete it. You can even track and analyze its usage. Signal is an easy-to-use, powerful content publishing tool that lets you share everything and protect it, too. Go forth and publish with confidence. 

Qumu Signal workflow in your organization

Core Benefits

Keep content secure

No matter where you push your content, what devices you push it to or who is seeing it on those devices, security is persistent. You maintain control.

Automate formatting

Choose the device types you’d like to send content to   and Signal automatically transcodes for proper file formats.


Add usage visibility

Want to know how people are consuming the content you publish? Signal provides insight into viewing behavior.

View offline

Your video and other content resides encrypted on subscribers’ devices. They can access and view your content even when they’re not connected.


Strengthen relationships

As subscribers or customers of your content, viewers learn to trust, expect and regularly view what you publish.



The technology behind high-performance publishing

No other content publishing tool delivers the level of security, ease of use and offline viewing capabilities as well as Qumu Signal does. Here is the technology behind it all.

Automatic transcoding

Signal automatically transcodes content for various devices and platforms. Ingest and stage content once for delivery to multiple devices, platforms and output formats in one single step. You don’t have to be a transcoding expert.

Persistent encryption

Your content is secure during all stages of the delivery and access process. Content is automatically converted into a secure, universal file format (.s2g). It is only viewable on a device running the Signal subscriber application.

DRM and policy engine

A powerful policy engine and digital rights management (DRM) technology means publishers can easily set security, usage and viewing rights for single users and groups. And those policies remain with the content unless altered by the publisher.

Delivery and offline viewing

Because your content is securely pushed to subscribers, it resides on their devices, encrypted until they want to view it—anytime, anywhere. Even if they are not connected to Internet at the time they wish to view it.