Media On-Demand


Physical media where and when you need it

What if there was a way to keep costs and inventory low while providing a wide array of content to your customers? How can you provide your guests with a hard copy of their memories, right from your front desk? What if you could weather fluctuating, unpredictable demand without breaking a sweat?

With Rimage Disc Publishing systems, you are enabled to create high quality CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs instantly and provide them to your customers without delay. You can eliminate that back inventory that is taking up space in your warehouse by creating only as many discs as you need, when you need them.

Here’s how Rimage systems help cater to your customers’ demands for content:


Virtual Inventory

You are the manager of a large DVD distribution company. In the past you’ve had to purchase large batches of DVDs, even cult classics that only sell a few copies a year. Now, instead of ordering another thousand copies of Alien Invaders from Xenu, you can store the file digitally and create a copy using a Rimage Disc Publisher only when one is requested, freeing your warehouse space for new films and expanding your library to include a much wider range of titles.

Hospitality Memories Disc

You’re the concierge on a major cruise line. Your guests are having the time of their lives aboard your ship, and your professional photographer is documenting the entire trip. As they leave to go home, you can hand them a high quality disc, personally printed, containing all of the memories from their cruise. They’ll be able to show off their unforgettable vacation to their friends and family as soon as they get off the plane back home instead of waiting for weeks to receive a disc in the mail.